The most important university regulations (in particular, the procedure of completion a period of study acquired outside the home university)

Koszalin University of Technology Study Regulation (in Polish only).


Students are registered through a computer system called the University System of Students (USOS):



Full recognition of studies and period of study abroad (including examinations or other forms of evaluation) replaces a comparable period completed at home university (including examinations or other forms of evaluation).

According to the agreement of the Erasmus program, based on the provided Transcripts of Records, the university undertakes to providing the Beneficient with the completion of period of study/ course/ exams, as equivalent to the period of study/ course/ exams at home university. To recognize the achievements of students in a foreign partner university/ host institution, the procedures set out for the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) will be applied. The University may refuse to credit only when the Beneficient does not reach satisfactory output or does not meet the conditions set by the parties as necessary to obtain credit.

Unsatisfactory achievements of the Beneficient may form the basis for a request by the university of the reimbursement of a part or all of the grant received. The University may waive the grant reimbursement or reduce its amount in case of circumstances beyond the control of the Beneficient, defined as "force majeure" (ie, situations independent of the student, related to a serious illness or an unfortunate incident).